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The importance of stretching

Some of you might think that stretching is a waste of time or that it will save you an extra few minutes if you skip it all together..
Well my brothers and sisters let me tell you from first hand experience it is KEY to any physical training you might do... I am 58 years old with some ailments that would certainly hinder my performance and flexibility if it were not for stretching..
After completing some very vigorous fitness programs, I now realize more than ever the importance of stretching.. So no matter what program you are doing don’t skip or cut short the stretch.. As a matter of fact, if you don’t feel you have stretched enough and you have the time repeat it. Take a little more time to stretch and it will help you get through whatever you doing without injury..
Peace , Health and Happiness to you all..


Finding Success
There are a lot of things to do in this busy world we live in.. We all hem and haw about not having the time to do what we really want.. I think we can, look for excuses not to do somethings we ought to.. Like eating right and excersizing.. It's much easier to put those issues off for another day.. BUT, Time keeps ticking and days turn into months and even years of neglecting ourselves.. Until something clicks inside that makes getting healthy a priority, success is just a pipe dream..
The first step is to make the Decision.
The second is Commitment. Commit the time and effort to take on the challenge.. For Yourself!!
Remember, only you can make this happen..
Success, my friends, is in the results..
I made that commitment and the results were and continue to be, no less than astounding..My life has changed forever, for the better..
I will have many more years to spend with my family because I am in the best shape of my life..And,The way I look is really secondary to the way I feel... The only word to describe it is GREAAAAAAATTT!!!!!!...
So if your still waiting to make that decision.... Go ahead, Take the chance, what have you got to lose?? The next step you take may just change your life for the better..
Remember, This is your life, no one can live it, No one can change it, No one but YOU!!

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