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Health and Wellness

At BaseXTraining I am dedicated to improving the body, mind and spirit of my clients. Personal training is provided for all fitness levels. Evaluations of your current fitness level and nutritional intake as well a body fat analysis are the first steps. The next step is a discussion and logging of your personal goals and what is driving you to improve your life. Then, developing a plan to achieve your goals and putting that plan into action. There are no magic pills -- just eating well and exercising to improve your quality of life.
My goal is to assist you in improving your physical health so that all the elements in your life will become more fulfilling.
The end result is sucessfully reaching your goals and continuing on the path you have chosen for fitness and good health.*



At the base of all motivation is goals and expectations. Success can be achieved if you do not lose focus of goals. Keep them realistic. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting your goals too high. Don't overshoot expectations. Set a new goal when you reach your initial goal. Small steps will get you where you want to go. If you continue to challenge yourself by continually setting new and attainable goals you will inspire others around you. "Success breeds success".
My focus is to help you identify your goals and to empower you with the knowledge that will help you attain them. I plan to help you realize your full potential and to help you achieve your desired results. I will provide you with the initial motivation, information and the vehicle to reach your destination. You will do the work and earn the praise for your own accomplishments.
"THIS IS YOUR LIFE, No one can live it... No one can change it, No one but YOU."

Proper Nutrition

The word "diet" has a negative connotation. It conjures up thoughts of hunger and deprivation. Diets don't work very well, because they make people unhappy. I follow an eating style. I believe the key to permanent body fat control is eating satisfaction. There's no need to eat foods you don't like and there's no need to ever leave the table feeling hungry.
That doesn't mean there's no discipline involved. There is. It takes control, effort, planning and creativity to eat in a sensible, tastey, no-hunger way. In practicing the life-style of eating sensibly, you can look forward to a lifetime of eating satisfaction and leanness.
The secret lies not in how much you eat, though control is a factor, but what you eat. If you eat the right foods you can eat more of the right foods and still lose fat; it's actually hard to overeat. What happens is you become full and satisfied before you take in more calories than you burn.


*Results may vary. Weight loss may be temporary as exercise and proper diet are required to maintain long-term weight loss and muscle gain. Always consult a physician before you start a vigrous physical fitness program.




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